Box Clever Engineering Ltd: Quality Acoustic Enclosures & Attenuation Systems

Specialist Attenuation and Acoustic Services

We offer a specialist soundproofing and noise control solutions service. Noise is now more of an issue than ever due to increased stringent legislation, employer responsibilities, industrial expansion and residential areas encroaching on industry.

Noise now affects more people than ever in the workplace, it can be as simple as a background hum to cause an effect on the concentration levels and therefore the quality of work can be reduced by this type of exposure.

Box Clever Engineering Ltd: Quality Acoustic Enclosures & Attenuation Systems

Box Clever is committed to offering a broad range of creative, cost-effective noise solutions for any environment or application. Large cost savings can be achieved by reducing the noise at source using a variety of noise control technologies, engineering techniques and other specialist noise control materials and solutions.

To date we have helped many clients in industries such as food processing, paper, print, packaging, steel, energy and power, retail refrigeration, chemical and pharmaceuticals in addition to commercial buildings and engineering manufacturing companies with noise issues and a need to comply with the "The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005". We provide to you an experience and knowledge on a variety of soundproofing products and noise control solutions that will fit your acoustical needs.

Box Clever Engineering Ltd: Quality Acoustic Enclosures & Attenuation Systems

In any project, we initially visit your site to carryout detailed diagnostic noise and vibration measurements to identify the major causes and sources of the noise. This report provides us with all the information we need to provide you with an existing datum point and a resolution to suppress the noise and meet any legislation.

It is proven that "at source" solutions are more cost effective, so we use these whenever possible. Only as an addition or an alternative do we use other types of industrial noise control solutions, such as acoustic enclosures, acoustic screens, acoustic barriers noise control guards, acoustic hoods, wall and ceiling sound absorbing panels, acoustic doors, ventilation systems, lower noise havens, attenuators–fans, blowers, transmission noise, and generator transformer & HVAC enclosures.

Box Clever Engineering Ltd: Quality Acoustic Enclosures & Attenuation Systems

Acoustic Damping; can be used in many environments or situations such as on steel that by its nature vibrates & resonates or when hit with any hard/solid object, adding to any existing noise. This is more usually a problem with items such as metallic chutes, hoppers, steel machine guards, panels, conveyors, tanks and any other metal work surrounding vibrating/moving machinery. It can also apply to noisy machinery in a factory. If untreated, it considerably adds to any existing noise problems.

There are several techniques we can employ:-

Unconstrained layer of damping is where we apply a layer of acoustic material to the steel/metal surface this adds to the mass and stiffens the steel panel thus reducing the vibration that causes the resonance and noise. We utilise a wide range of methods and materials which can be water, oil, and fire resistant and they include sound absorbent foam/felt, mechanical damping felt, bitumastic damping sheet, foam sandwiched damping sheet, single or double foam/foil vibration/damping sheets, moldable polymer damping sheet, foam sandwiched sound deadening lead, barrier damping layer (2mm thickness foam with a 12mm open cell acoustic foam) and acoustic blankets or jackets.

Box Clever Engineering Ltd: Quality Acoustic Enclosures & Attenuation Systems

Constrained layer damping (more rugged & generally effective) is where manufactured steel (or aluminum) guards, panels or other components made with sound deadened material or self adhesive steel sheet is applied on to the existing components/machine (inside or outside). Covering up to as much as 80% of the flat surface area can achieve between a 5-25dB reductions in the noise being radiated.

Spray-on sound & vibration control or liquid sound deadening solution which in some cases can remove unwanted noise and vibrations by converting them into low-grade heat. It is a non-toxic water based vibration absorbing coating. It has no foul smells and it cleans up with soapy water. We apply it like paint and it dries to an extremely hard surface.

Box Clever Engineering Ltd: Quality Acoustic Enclosures & Attenuation Systems

Acoustic Metal Panel Applications combine noise absorption & durability in an attractive functional modular unit that can be located on walls & ceilings, instantly reducing noise levels, reverberation & solving problems of communication. Strong enough for industrial environments while aesthetically pleasing in commercial spaces & offered in a variety of colours and sizes with built in mounting brackets. The panels can be installed in rows or a variety of patterns to compliment a room's interior. Standard panels manufactured from 50mm thick, fully formed, one-piece perforated rust proof - galvanised steel with a choice of sound absorbing fills, densities & fire ratings. Solutions in environments such as manufacturing, food processing, water treatment plants, offices, meeting rooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, swimming pools, churches, theatres and classrooms.

Acoustic Barrier and Acoustic Screen we offer you products which are manufactured from reinforced polymers or non corrosive treated steel.

The environmentally manufactured reinforced polymers system is rot proof, resistant to aggressive environments and made up of highly durable rigid panels that do not warp/shrink. Whether selecting reflective or absorbent options the high density composite surfaces and mineral infill panels ensure consistent high acoustic performance throughout the length of the barrier. Barriers can be either 2 or 3m high. All designs are certified to the very latest European standards.

Box Clever Engineering Ltd: Quality Acoustic Enclosures & Attenuation Systems

Our non corrosive steel sound option can be absorptive on either one or both sides and panels are stacked between steel posts to achieve any desired height. The installed barrier will offer excellent sound transmission loss (STL) characteristics. The installation is quickly assembled on site from pre-fabricated components.

Cladding Modules acoustic panels are specifically designed to attach to existing or new walls/barriers to improve their acoustic performance. These sound absorptive cladding modules are especially good for reducing reflected sound.

Acoustic Louvre's and Louvre Screens provide highly effective, stylish acoustic barriers and acoustic screens for places such as mechanical services plant (such as pumps, compressors and chillers) and are particularly suitable when ventilation air must pass freely through the barrier. A range of materials and finish options include Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium



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